We are one of the largest landscape nurseries and garden centers in the Laurel Highlands. Laurel Nursery has a complete selection of nursery stock from large balled and burlap shade trees as well as fruit and nut trees. We also have a variety of small fruit plants such as blueberries, raspberries, blackberries and more! Want more flowers in the garden? We have an outstanding selection of perennials for sun and shade will be the finishing touches to your garden

Come be inspired by our unique landscape display that will show you how to enhance your property with elegant Japanese maples, an amazing array of conifers and other exceptional plants along with standard varieties to give your landscape that one of a kind look.

After the long winter we will welcome Spring with flowering trees and shrubs such as glorious magnolias, flowering crabapples, Eastern Redbud, huge heads of hydrangeas that announce warm weather has returned and we have fragrant landscape roses. Combine them with ornamental grasses that will take you into late fall with color changes and gorgeous seedheads!

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